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To provide Institutional Ethical Committee (IEC) approved and patient consented blood and tissue samples for biomarker research and In Vitro diagnostics (IVD) development. Accacia has established their own IEC with a retired federal judge as the chairperson. The IEC has met several times to review protocols for evaluation of diagnostic test kits for our US and European customers.

To conduct clinical trials for IVD approval under USFDA guidelines as a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) across the world. The investigators and subjects are available in the following geographical areas:

  1. India

  2. South East Asia

  3. East Africa

  4. West Africa

  5. Brazil

  6. Bolivia

  7. Texas, U. S. A

  8. Mexico

All trials can be conducted either as a paper based or as an E-Trial using EDC systems.

Supply research use well annotated clinical samples from our bio repository.


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