Probing the Unknown

Probing The Unknown

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The staff of Accacia Serum is diligent about investigative sites audit to verify that the protocol is performed according to sponsor's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and International Commission on Harmonization (ICH) standards.

They meticulously review the following documents:

·     The informed consent document content.

·     The documents concerning interactions with the IRB. 

·     The documents and procedures concerning drug accountability. 

·     Accacia Serum’s staffs inspect facilities and equipment. 

·     The quality assurance personnel review that the data collected in a representative sample of Case Report Forms are authentic and supported by source documents. 

·     Records and procedures for site visits are reviewed. 

·     Assess compliance with internal Standard Operating Procedures.

Accacia Serum’s staffs’ commitment to quality and services ensures satisfaction from our clients.


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